About US

There are two partners in the firm:

  • Mr .Mahendra .K.Thakkar
  • Mr.Bhavesh.R. Ghelani.

Mr.Mahendra looks after the b to c clients and Mr. Bhavesh looks after the b to b production and sales . The Company has 10 employees at the back office and 48 artisans working at the production unit.

The Company supplies the jewellery to the retals showroom and the company jewellery is certified by International Gemological Labolatories. The Company provides authtication for each and every piece of jewellery that the retailers buy from us. Our Company developes every month 60 new design by cad-cam and master model making of traditional and indo western taste so that clients get new concepts to sell. The Company has in house manufacturing jewellery unit situated between Andheri and Ghatkopar. The diamond quality of the jewellery is fg vvs, and gh vs

The 4 Cs for us are:

1) Commitment=Order 2) Consistant=Supply 3) Competitive=Price 4) Creative=Design

We only sell that sells